Used and Working EagleRock Vision2

This CNC machine is a top of the line product for the stone industry. After a piece is cut, it can be placed into this CNC where it can produce sinks holes and edges. It comes with various tools that also allow shaping and polishing of edges. Speed up a whole days worth of work into a few hours. Draw the template of the stone piece inside the computer of this CNC. As soon as you are finished, simply place the stone material onto the machine. Select the settings, and within a few hours, you'll have a perfect piece of stone ready to be installed. This used machine comes at a very affordable price with THREE MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY included. If something breaks in the machine, we come down to fix it FOR FREE. You get your full money's worth with Phoenix Stone Services. Why not invest in your business today? We also offer financing!

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Warranty is limited to failure in the machine caused by the machine itself or something Phoenix Stone Services missed before selling the machine. Warranty does not cover damages inflicted on the machine by the customer or customer's employees. When in doubt, the benefit will be given to the customer and machine will be restored to its functioning form.