What Granite machine should I get?

There are a variety of machines out there that each serve similar purposes. Some machines cut stone while others carefully shape it. It is very important to know what type of machine to invest in. Our goal is to be able to provide you with enough information, so you could make an informed decision of which machine to buy.

Do you need a machine that cuts stone?

One of the most popular machines in the valley is the Park Industries Yukon. Easily recognizable as one of the most popular Bridge Saws out there. This would make sense since the machine is very easy to use. The table (where the stone material is placed) usually comes with a hydraulic pump to allow the table to rise to easily place the material onto the table with a crane or forklift. After lowering the table with the material slab on top. The cutter usually has an idea of where he is going to cut using either measurements or templates previously made. This machine uses active air pressure and water pressure to both control the amount keep the saw cool while cutting. The majority of Yukon saws also come with a mitre option to perform those 45 degree mitre cuts.

Pros to this machine:

Easy to navigate and figure out.

Motorized control (doesn't require human effort to move other than controlling the direction in which is moves).

Table can rotate to allow different cuts.

Cons to the machine: 

Cuts in one direction but rotating table allows different cuts.

Multiple parts to the machine which usually means longer assembly time.