Machine Repair

Machines are a great investment. The only problem is that with wear and tear they begin to break down. Luckily, Phoenix Stone Services has you covered! Whether the problem is electrical, mechanical, requires computer programming, or maybe you simply can't figure out what is wrong with your machine, Phoenix Stone Services has years of experience in all areas. We are largely known by the Granite fabrication community, but also serve plenty of metal fabrication shops as well as water bottle production. Whatever the machine is, if it is industrial, we can fix it.

We also offer services to relocate and/or install machines. Whatever your project/problem is, you can count on Phoenix Stone Services to take care of your company and investments as if they were our own. We can also repair routers and polishers if needed.

To contact our services call: (928) 22- STONE or (928) 227 - 8663.